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I'm starting to worry about Gravis...
Well I called them last Monday and tried to ask how things were going, they said they needed photos of my computer table and some other things which I have forgotten, point to remember, never phone up with out a Pen and paper. But I asked if they could send me the details via E-Mail, they said no problem, as I'm a customer, they should have my mail and it's on the insurance form I filled out.

Well I waited for the mail and you guessed it, it didn't come, but my company said I didn't have to work on Friday as it was quiet and so I could sort this out then. I phoned the Gravis store in Dusseldorf again on Friday morning, and talked to them asking could they please send me the details they require from me to assist them in my claim and they said sure, I asked if we could confirm the E-Mail address, and they said, now I don't now where this came from as I only have ever used my first name with Limemedia, I'm not that formal, to use my surname, also I pointed out to the people in Dusseldorf that I was recently married and my name is now Dodds. this is why I wrote the E-Mail address down on the form, to confirm it. What I don't understand here is I get there news letter every month and for some reason I am not getting the mail for the insurance.

I waited an hour and then I decided to call Berlin, I spoke to a very helpful chap there and he confirmed my E-Mail address, plus he said I should wait and if I don't get a mail by 5PM I should call, I called after 5 I thought I would be generous with the time, and, Yep the office was closed or unobtainable, either way I didn't manage to speak to any one, so I have to wait till Saturday, not big deal I guess.

Called at 9:30 on Saturday morning, and received the same message, office was closed or unobtainable, please call again later. I hate ambiguous, answer phone messages. so this means I still don't know what they want from me properly. My Wife also tried to call them over the day, same problem. I'm in Soest in the week, this means I cannot do anything till the end of the week, as that's when I return to Wuppertal. I'm starting to wonder about the Service from Gravis, I bought loads from them and I wonder if they just want the money. I would personally like to speak directly to the Insurance company, and explain the delay is not my doing but that of Gravis.

I will update this page with more info as I receive it, but that appears to be slow, so please look at the images I have taken, I am not yet so pissed off with Gravis as to remove the Widget, that would be childish of me.