11 June 2006
Nice employers...
I was talking to my employer about going to the Mac Expo, this past week end and they offered to pay for me, But thanks to Gravis I got free entrance, I just had to register, and I was able to print off a ticket, from the Expo site.

I still haven't heard any thing from Gravis, I will give them a call, just to find out how far they have got in looking at my poor little Powerbook. I spoke to one of the guys from the Gravis store Cologne, and showed him the Widget, he thinks it's a cool idea, and offered some suggestions, so I updated this last night and then placed it on the site. I am using RapidWeaver for building this site a great piece of software.

I was amazed to see the Gravis stand in the Mac Expo, it really didn't exist, I don't get it, it's one place were you can guarantee loads of devoted Mac fans, and with cash in their pockets, and they have some strange marketing stand with nothing for sale, I bought stuff from Mactastic, great for little things for the Mac, I got 2 sets of speakers for the Nano and my SonyEricsson, plus a couple of hard cases for the Ipods. and a card reader for when I'm in Soest. I seem to be duplicating my equipment for two places.